The Flavor Factor

TDS, or total dissolved solids, is a measure of the inorganic salts and dissolved minerals and trace elements contained in your water that can affect palatability. Tahoe Artesian Water™ has a markedly low TDS of 98 mg/L, for the purest taste of Tahoe terroir.


The Quality of Water

Not all drinking water sources are protected from contamination and pollution. As a result, many bottled waters are filtered extensively and treated for safety and palatability. Virginality can be measured by the specific amount of nitrate detected in the water. Our water naturally has zero nitrates thanks to the secluded, protected location of our aquifer and the snow caps that feed it.

Frequently asked questions

Did you know that artesian water is actually a specific type of spring water?

Artesian wells are different from traditional wells because they don’t require a pump to extract water from underground. Instead, they rely on a natural phenomenon that involves the water flowing down into a porous material, such as rock, sand, or gravel, then being forced to the surface and out of a well due to the high pressure built up between two impermeable underground surfaces.

Artesian wells are a lot like other wells, but one key difference is that they're free flowing. With other wells, you need a pump to extract water from underground, but artesian wells have enough pressure in the aquifer to force the water to the surface on its own.

That's because they're artesian: they originate from an aquifer and travel through porous rock until they reach the surface.

No, while we are called Tahoe Artesian our aquifer is actually high in the Sierra Nevada mountains in the majestic Tahoe area.