The Taste of Water

TDS, or total dissolved solids, is the amount of inorganic salts, dissolved minerals and trace elements detected in water. A high minerality can present itself as a distinct taste and impact palatability. Tahoe Artesian Water has a naturally low TDS of 98 mg/L, resulting in a clean, light taste and smooth feel.


The Quality of Water

Virginality can be measured by the specific amount of nitrate detected in a water source, and since not all drinking water sources are protected from contamination and pollution many need to be filtered and treated extensively before consumption. Our natural water has zero nitrates. Secluded and protected, the aquifer from which our water comes has never been exposed to pollutants so our water doesn’t require distillation, chlorination or reverse osmosis.

Frequently asked questions

The word artesian comes from the french phrase “puits artésien” and refers to the early French wells that allowed for free flowing water to rise naturally from the earths pressure. Only water that is captured this unique way can carry the artesian name, and the natural, distinct taste of its local terroir. 

Not all wells are the same, and many require a pump. Our artesian well was carefully drilled more than 600ft down (a couple hundred of those being granite!) and taps directly into a naturally formed and pressurized underground body of water, an aquifer. All that existing pressure sends the water that nature spent years perfecting right up to us. No mechanical pumps or human contact needed.

Though we share the same regional Tahoe name, our water is sourced high in the Tahoe National Forest that spans hundreds of thousands acres due north of beautiful Lake Tahoe. That said, we do happily enjoy Lake Tahoe waters while swimmin’ on the weekends.

The FDA requires all bottled waters to go through UV and Ozone treatments prior to being sold, which we happily do. But we are also proud to say that the purity of our water tests the same before and after these treatments, just saying.

Sustainability is fundamental to our practices. We proudly offer our water stateside but are not, at this point, capable of sustainably sending our waters overseas. But let us know where you are and we’re happy to refer you to an artesian favorite local to you.